Why Deck Has To Be Elevated

Many properties that have been upgraded or superbly designed and built from scratch by architects and building contractors respectively may find that the deck is now a characteristic feature. For aesthetic purposes, it has its characteristic charms. But perhaps this is more important. When decks are designed, manufactured and installed, functionality and practicalities would have been the inspiration.

So much so that there will always be a standout property out there somewhere that finds itself with an elevated deck instead. And such a property may not always be the exception to the rule. Because there could be a bundle of properties all standing on the same slope. If not that, there could be a row of houses in a single street that is on a challenging flood plain. In the latter case, the motivation for building and erecting an elevated deck should have been obvious by now.

The deck is being deliberately raised so that it avoids all possibility of being flooded. In fact, there are those cases where the entire property has been raised for that express purpose. And no matter where the property is located, it goes without saying that sometimes this would not appear to be enough. But no matter. The ground level or elevated deck system has a built-in drainage system. This is for those properties that are particularly susceptible to high precipitation.

elevated deck

As in heavy rainfall patterns that never seem to let up, no matter what time of the year it is. The way the deck is designedÂ…once it reaches the deck, the water simply runs off the boards and seeps through, reaching a collection point. And that is a point well worth mentioning. No water needs to be wasted. Collected water can be recycled and reused.