The Most Common Causes of Foundation Cracks

See cracks in the foundation of your home? Seeing cracks causes concern for any homeowner, as it should.  Your home is a valuable investment and very important to your well-being. Cracks can cause significant damage to the home. But, exactly what causes foundation cracks tulsa ok? There are a few reasons why cracks may appear on your property.

Settling Foundation

Cracks are always caused by settling in the foundation. However, there are a few different types of settling the foundation may experience, all of which differently affect the home and the foundation.

·    Vertical cracks occur more often than other types of cracks. The good news is that they’re also the less serious of the types of cracks.  Even new homes may see a few of these vertical cracks in the foundation.

·    Diagonal cracks are also common but not as common as vertical cracks. These cracks occur in the foundation and in basement walls. Sometimes they’re very thin and other times they’re thick. This type of crack occurs when settling occurs on one side of the home but not the other.

·    Horizontal cracks are less common and also the most serious type of crack you may see in the foundation. Concrete and brick homes are most at risk for this type of crack. You should never ignore a horizontal crack because our home is at serious risk when they’re present.

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Keep Your Home in Good Condition With Foundation Inspections

Pay attention to your home, especially the foundation. While settling is normal, cracks are not and may cause a myriad of problems for you and the family. If you inspect the home and call out a professional at the first sign of trouble, these risks are minimized and you can sleep better at night.